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An accomplished woods craftsman, Kurt has over 13 years of skill and experience in wood craft and design. Shipping Details We offer two different colors of finish:  A darker weatherwood or the Clear/Natural Finish. We offer an exclusive LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the structure and quality of our rustic pieces. Click here to check out our super savings on selected items. We will give you a FREE QUOTE on your special project. Look for our rustic furniture ads in Mountain Living, Log & Timber Style Magazine, Cabin Life, Timber Homes Illustrated... Reclaimed Timber: We handcraft all our rustic furniture exclusively with historic heart pine reclaimed from historic structures. Solidly designed and built to endure the test of time. A Care Packet is included with all larger orders. Hitch Exclusives: Links Resource. For your shopping convenience, a pricesheet with links to each product!



1.) Original design in which form follows function.


1.) Selected for its deep natural color and pronounced grain and color change
2.) Due to the fact that it is reclaimed wood, it is old growth wood. This means it has grown at a very slow rate, thus causing tighter growth rings and more stable wood.
3.) Selected for the good of environment ~ giving reclaimed wood new life and preserving its heritage.
4.) Because we use large, solid, unglued members up to 5" x 5" posts, and 3 1/4" x 7 1/2" rails, we feel this is more stable wood. It has already dried and withstood up to 150 years of seasonal movement.
5.) Due to the characteristics of antique heart wood, the late wood is harder than earlier wood, giving us the opportunity to brush sand each piece for a weather-board feel and a 3 dimensional appearance.

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1.) Our timber is salvaged from warehouses, orphanages, factories, etc.
2.) The majority of our current wood is reclaimed from an orphanage in Milwaukee.
3.) Each timber is hand selected for grade, de nailed, and resawn to specific sizes.
4.) We then kiln dry them to set the pitch in the wood.
5.) Last, we store for as long as possible in a controlled RH space to acclimate the wood before crafting into furniture.

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Shiplap joinery in headboard

Shiplap panels or planking is what constitutes the panels of the beds. It consists of individual boards joined together by means of shiplap joinery (similar to tongue and groove). It is a beautiful way for our reclaimed heart pine to "show off" its distinct characteristics and its deep-rooted heritage.

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1.) Each piece is thoroughly inspected and assembled by Kurt to ensure top quality and Each piece comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Click here to read more.. The bed is now assembled and ready to be branded and numbered.

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1.) We use a hand-dipped and hand-rubbed method of staining and finishing each individual piece. We feel this is the perfect method due to the seasonal changes in wood caused by relative humidity. It is peace of mind to know that every square inch of the heirloom has been sealed, slowing the moisture exchange in the wood.
2.) We use an excellent product called Velvit Oil for the following reasons. A.) It is a linseed and soy based finish. (All natural oils) B.) Soy oil has many natural resins that harden wood. (Polyurethane is made of soy) C.) It is very easily repaired. D.) It is water, alcohol, and heat resistant. E.) It is stronger and shinier than tung oil because of the soy oil. We feel it is one of the toughest natural hand-rubbed finishes available.
3.) Each piece is soaked for a quarter of an hour, and then put through a 4-stage hand rubbed process
4.) For periodical maintenance we supply each bed owner with a maintenance kit. Each kit includes touch-up stain. In the event of mishaps, it can be easily repaired without the fear of lap marks. It also includes a bottle of Velvit brand Lemon Oil which we recommend using for dusting and polishing your HITCH, due to the fact it contains NO wax or silicone, commonly found in commercial brands, which can cause build-up and become sticky and yellow over time.

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Each piece is then crated and packed with the utmost care and shipped motor freight to your home and set on your curb side. Click here to read more about Shipping. At this time we would recommend you getting 1 or 2 friends to assist you. You will need a cordless screw gun with a Phillips tip to disassemble the crate. Next, simply follow the easy assembly instructions from your maintenance kit, assemble, and ENJOY!

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