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Do not sign for the delivery of your HITCH product if it is damaged. Inspect immediately. If the truck driver will not wait for you to properly inspect the shipment you must note on the freight bill, "Driver would not wait for inspection." It will be sent back at no charge to you and we will replace it. Please call us with any delivery problems immediately. (see Shipping)

Should you feel the product is defective, call us at (1-906-932-0212) and the defective part will be taken care of. The natural season cracks found in our reclaimed timber and furniture are not considered a defect and the warranty does not cover this natural drying process. Product abuse voids warranty. Hitch Exclusives does not consider seasonal drying checks or scars that took place 100 years ago as a defect. We see them as an asset; Characteristics reminiscent of the former life of the wood. We guarantee that the natural checking and scars do not affect the structure of our furniture but do enhance its beauty.

The customer agrees to use only reputable carriers capable of providing proof of delivery and insurance for the entire value of the product. The customer bears all shipping costs and responsibility for the returned product. The customer is responsible for re-packing the product in its original packaging.

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