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Finishes → Reclaimed Heart Pine Finish

Our hand-dipped and hand-rubbed method of staining and finishing each individual piece ensures complete coverage of the heirloom. We use and excellent product which contains a blend of natural oils and resins that harden wood and is also easily repaired. It is also water, alcohol and heat resistant. Our furniture is then put through a four-stage hand-rubbed process.

Do you love the natural color of wood? Click on any of the examples to see what our products look like in:

Clear/Natural Finish:

Clear Wood Example 1
Click To Enlarge
Clear Wood Example 2
Click To Enlarge
Clear Wood Example 3
Click To Enlarge

Click on any of the examples, below,
to see what our products look like in:

Weatherwood Finish:

Weatherwood Finish
Click To Enlarge
Weatherwood Finish
Click To Enlarge
Weatherwood Finish
Click To Enlarge

We now have a Light Weatherwood finish available.

See photo below of what our product looks like in:

Light Weatherwood Finish:

Another finish available is called FRUITWOOD.
FRUITWOOD is lighter than the Weatherwood and darker than the clear, with more of a golden tone.

Click on any of the examples, below,
to see what our products look like in:

Fruitwood Finish:

  Fruitwood Finish
Click To Enlarge
Fruitwood Finish
Click To Enlarge


Click on image, below, to enlarge.
Please call us if you would like wood samples of any or all of the finishes.

Click To Enlarge

You may also notice a very dark finish on some items on our website. This finish is our Jacobean finish, which is a custom order product. Please call for pricing.

Jacobean Finish:

BARNBOARD... You may choose to add Rustic BARNBOARD (Barn Board) to your HITCH piece. The frame will continue to be crafted from Reclaimed Heart Pine, but BARNBOARD panels can be incorporated for an upcharge of $100.00 per piece. Please call to special order.
Rustic Barnboard
Click To Enlarge - Barnboard in Weatherwood
Rustic Barnboard
Click To Enlarge - Heritage II with Barnboard and Natural Finish
"..By the way, the markings, weathering, and the variations in the wood color really give the bed a unique and beautiful feel. We never saw anything like it before. We really like the color variations which pull in varying colors - from the carpet to the stone fireplace to the out of doors. My favorite features, though, are the nail holes and the wood's imperfections which add to the CHARACTER of the piece."

Read more of our testimonials. Click here!

Finishes → Reclaimed Heart Pine Finish

Call for pick-up pricing: 1-715-543-2006

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