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Here at Hitch Exclusives, we handcraft all furniture exclusively with historic heart pine and fir reclaimed from historic structures. (Except for our barnboard and round-log cedar furniture.)

When building these historical structures, heart pine and fir were commonly used interchangeably. The majority of our furniture is built exclusively from heart pine, with the occasion of fir and other pine species, all reclaimed from the same building.

Heart pine had a life span of 200 to 700 years.

We hand-select old growth timber reclaimed from aged, historical structures. Each piece has its own unique character or personality. You will find beautifully distinguished authentic nail holes, markings, and checking unique to your piece of furniture, telling its life story, giving you a nostalgic glimpse of the past.

Because of sources of its supply diminishing, reclaiming heart pine furniture is an incredible investment.

Also, this antique wood has been through decades of seasonal expanding and contracting cycles, making it more stable than new wood.
HEARTPINE is the densest of the softwoods. Its' specific gravity varies between .48 to .59. At its' hardest, .59 in the center of the tree, it is very comparable to White Ash which is .60 specific gravity. At its leanest, it could be compared to Black Cherry at .50 specific gravity. Due to the fact we only use salvaged timber, which is 200 to 700 years old, our timber is old growth with tighter growth rings, making it close to .59 specific gravity and harder, as the growth rings get tighter. This makes our furniture very durable and more scratch resistant.

The combination of these historical treasures with fine craftsmanship is what makes each of our products a true rare masterpiece.

Our present wood was reclaimed from the Gallun Tannery, Milwaukee, WI.
We have also used timber from the Racine Steel Company, Racine, WI, and the Hershey's Warehouse, Milwaukee, WI. We also have a few pieces remaining from the St. Joseph's Orphanage, Milwaukee, WI. The Orphanage was established in 1910, dismantled in 2001.

Close-up of markings that may be found in reclaimed timber.

Close-up of markings that may be found in reclaimed timber.


Note the authentic nail holes in the Headboard.

Note the authentic nail holes in the Headboard.

St. Joseph's Orphanage, Milwaukee, WI
St. Joseph's Orphanage, Milwaukee, WI
Gallun Tannery, Milwaukee, WI
Gallun Tannery, Milwaukee, WI

Raw Timber in yard
Raw Timber in yard
We hand select quality timber.
We hand select quality timber.
Timber is then denailed and resawn.
Timber is then de-nailed and re-sawn.


Rustic Log Furniture

Hitch Log Furniture is built with Scandinavian joinery featuring scribe-fit, coped, round notches. Northern white cedar poles were culled from 8-mile swamp off the banks of Mud Creek.

Call for pick-up pricing: 1-715-543-2006

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